TECAUMA’s process


From the first contact, a TECAUMA sales technician will assist you in defining your needs, from the drafting of specifications to the suggestion of concrete and  budgeted ideas, allowing you to guide your thinking. Each solution presented is supported by a 3D visual and an appropriate video allowing to better anticipate the reality of your projects. 


Development and production

After order, a TECAUMA project manager becomes your main contact until the end of your project guarantee. He is responsible for the quality of services, responsiveness to answer your requests and respect of deadlines which are the essential values of the company.

All our equipment are tested on our site and an acceptance report is done with you. It is also the opportunity for your team to learn how to use the machine. This step ensures that the project is in accordance with your specifications before delivery. To guarantee the quality of our service, the team of technicians who made your equipment is the same of whom that will be in charge of the setting-up. 


After sales-serviceTECAUMA-Atelier-ROBOTFLEX

After delivery, our after-sales service is able to provide you spare parts, to assist you for maintenance of your equipment or to help you with any troubleshooting. One of TECAUMA’s goal is to assist you to implement a planned maintenance through periodic monitoring of your equipment. Our diagnostic tools and troubleshooting help (tablets, connected glasses, ...) allow us to ensure a good rate of availability of your equipment over time.

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