Windows & Doors

Since its creation, TECAUMA has offered solutions in the wood industry and window & door manufacturing. The industrial processes use the handling solutions, offered by TECAUMA, in order to facilitate and automate the manufacture of windows as well as for the realization of doors (interior, entrances), gates and other products of the window & door manufacturing industry. 
With this experience, TECAUMA has key equipment for the manufacture of these products: Horizontal framing machine for opening sashes, automatic coupling stations (to insert sashes inside the fixed frame), robotic glazing cells, automated bar storage & retrieval system, storage solutions for semi-finished products, handling solutions (shuttles, AGV ...).

  • 003-Tec'up-transtockeur-produits-longs-H12-menuiserie

    ASRS Tec'up

    The automated storage and retrieval system designed by TECAUMA, named TEC'UP allows to automate the...
  • 009-Transstockeur-produits-plats

    Automated storage for flat products

    The automated storage and retrieval system for flat products by TECAUMA, is used to put in stock...
  • 008-TECAUMA-Stockage-vertical

    Computer integrated material handling

    The Computer integrated material handling is an autonomous equipment, composed by an automatic shuttle with...
  • 007-Cadreuse-horizontale-d'ouvrants

    Horizontal framing machine for opening sashes

    The framing machine for opening sashes by TECAUMA achieves a square cut assembly by screws. The main...
  • 012-TECAUMA-Robot-de-conditionnement-de-vitrage-menuiserie

    Robotic end of glass unit line

    At the end of the manufacturing line of insulating glass units (IGU), TECAUMA’s the robotic cell does the...
  • 005-TECAUMA-vitrage-robotisé-sur-menuiserie

    Robotic Glazing cell on assembled window

    The robotic glazing cell on assembled window by TECAUMA takes a glass from trolleys or racks and then...
  • 004-TECAUMA-Robot-de-vitrage-ouvrant-menuiserie

    Robotic glazing cell on opening sash

    The robotised glazing cell on opening sash TECAUMA takes automatically glasses from trolleys or racks and...
  • 006-TECAUMA-Collage-robotisé-menuiserie-3D (2)

    Robotic gluing on glazing cell

    This robotised cell assembles a glass with its dedicated opening sash, thanks to a binder, glue bead or...
  • 001-TECAUMA-decoupe-joint-double-menuiserie.JPG

    Window seal cutter

    The TECAUMA window seal cutter does the automatic cutting of "U" shaped glazing gaskets or impact gaskets,...