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Our expertise 4.0

savoir-faireWhat is Industry 4.0 ?

Industry 4.0 is defined as a set of solutions to organize your means of production in a "smart" way. Making these different solutions communicate within the factory allow to adapt the production by using the resources efficiently and reasoned and to tend towards the connected factory.

Connected factories with TECAUMA 

The connected factory is already a distinctive aspect for our customers. TECAUMA already accompanies you in your projects by facilitating the exchanges between your ERP, our supervision tools, our Man-machines interfaces and our communicating equipment. 



  • Gain agility with our autonomous, flexible and communicating handling solutions.
  • Remove distressing tasks from your employees and refocus on their skills.032-TECAUMA-Robotflex-AGV-robot-manutention-charge-autonome
  • Optimize your flows and stocks by a precise and user-friendly control of your production. 

TECAUMA writes with you the history of your factory by offering you an evolutionary and flexible support on the long term. 

  • 3D modelling and Smart glasses

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  • Communicating equipment: Production optimization

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  • Connectivity of equipment

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  • Integration of the environmental dimension

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  • Autonomous vehicle

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  • Robotics

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  • Preventive maintenance

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  • Training

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