Integration of the environmental dimension

Industry 4.0 also aims, through the integration of digital technologies, to optimize environmental resources. 
The monitoring of technological development and the choice of partners led by TECAUMA permit to offer equipment with the latest technological developments aimed at improving energy efficiency, improving the performance and life of equipment.

Our means of action ...

We choose to work with local actors and use short circuits for the supply of raw material of our workshop. Mechanically welded and machined parts are manufactured internally and by a network of local partners in the Vendée department. 

For example, we suggest the following solutions:

  • Energy-efficient motors and energy management systems on our machines that can save up to 25%. This principle is used among others for the engines of the TEC'UP automated storage retrieval system.
  • Energy saving systems for vacuum grippers
  • Plasma technology for surface preparation before bonding to overcome conventional chemical processes 

All the machines offered by TECAUMA are modifiable or likely to be updated, according to the technological evolutions. For example, the retrofit of your equipment will be offered in order to compensate for their early obsolescence and this, in order to optimize your costs. 
Our machines are equipped with remote connection modules allowing to carry out remote maintenance, thus freeing us from some business trip having environmental impacts. 

  • 3D modelling and Smart glasses

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  • Communicating equipment: Production optimization

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  • Connectivity of equipment

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  • Integration of the environmental dimension

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  • Autonomous vehicle

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  • Robotics

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  • Preventive maintenance

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  • Training

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