Communicating equipment: Production optimization

By integrating communicating machines, sharing information, you can better monitor and optimize your production in real time. Here are examples of solutions implemented on our equipment.

Optical measuring machines and TECAUMA 

Optical measuring machines is one of the tools that allows our machines to communicate better according to the following principles:

  • Process, analyze and measure the characteristics of a workpiece in a production situation in order to allow its treatment (gripping, sorting, picking ...)
  • Guide a robot by providing the location information it needs to complete its job on the production line.
  • Measure a workpiece and correct production parameters in real time
  • Integrate 3D reconstructions of real parts into our designs

Metrology be TECAUMA

The use of automatic metrology tools ensures a continuous production of compliant workpieces. In metallurgy, we use Renishaw or Vicivision tools, at the foot of the machine.  In our ROBOTFLEX robotic cells for the loading and unloading of machine tools, the integration of these control devices allows to enslave the tool correctors of the machining cell to the real-time measurement of the machined parts.

DATA generation 

Our machines include many communicating sensors that provide the production tool with a large amount of usable data to optimize your machine performance, or for selfdiagnostic actions that facilitate preventive maintenance.

  • 3D modelling and Smart glasses

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  • Communicating equipment: Production optimization

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  • Connectivity of equipment

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  • Integration of the environmental dimension

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  • Autonomous vehicle

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  • Robotics

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  • Preventive maintenance

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  • Training

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