The automated industrial storage tower by TECAUMA is a tailor-made and compact storage solution, which uses the height of your building. It ensures the storage of your products in several stillages. Loading and unloading of the stillages are carried out in safety, in semi-automatic mode, under the control of the operator. This equipment also helps to reduce tedious handing operations. Finally, the tower is scalable as it can be completed with a second column to increase storage capacity.

REF : 027


  • Storage solution for all industries and adapted to every need
  • For long products (tubes, profiles, bars), flat products with a maximum length of 6 500 mm
  • For products with or without packaging, in batches or individually, stored in the tower inner containers.
  • Product loading/Unloading:
    • 1 common post, at the foot of the tower
    • By overhead crane or by hand
  • Ergonomic control interface:
    • Simple: Button box
    • Advanced: PC linked to ERP
  • Capacity :
    • Single tower, 1 column ≤ 13 slots
    • Double tower, 2 columns ≤ 25 slots
    • Slots defined according to batch sizes
    • 1 000 kg maxi / place (by containers)
  • Overall dimensions :
    • Height: 5 950 mm
    • Width: 8 660 mm
    • Depth of single tower: 2 300 mm
    • Depth of double tower: 4 200 mm
  • Options :
    • Lifting of the bottom of the container for loading/unloading with a forklift
    • Bar separator to classify several product references in a container

027-tour-stockage-vertical-barres-tubes-tecauma 027-tour-de-stockage