ASRS Tec'up

The automated storage and retrieval system designed by TECAUMA, named TEC'UP allows to automate the storage of raw materials (profiles, tubes, bars…). Each storage and retrieval system is fitted to the storage building, in order to optimize space by using in the best way the available space. A dynamic storage is limiting Manuals handling tasks: the material is brought to the operators automatically thanks to picking stations adapted to the type of products to deliver. The supply lead time to the machines is reduced. The material management is improved with the integrated computer system, which allows to know the stock in real time, to register the consumption, and so to optimise the supply chain. At the end, all raw materials are stored in a unique weatherproof place.

REF : 003


  • For products (tubes, bars, profiles) of standard length 6500 mm (7 000 mm maxi on demand)
  • Products packaged in stretchers, in bundles or in loose
  • Maximum weight container and products: 1 300 kg
  • Minimum width required in the building:
    • single shelving: 17 meters
    • double shelving: 24 meters
  • Length required in the building according to the need.
  • Customized loading station for products depending on the flow and tools: forklift, overhead crane ...
  • Customized picking station according to the production equipment to feed
  • Ergonomic and intuitive supervision software developed by TECAUMA
  • Associated IT functions such as: stock mapping, inventory function ...