Shuttle with shelving for vertical storage

The Computer integrated material handling is an autonomous equipment, composed of an automatic shuttle with shelving for vertical storage of products. This equipment allows you to store a work in progress and so, to ensure a buffer function during the manufacturing process. It applies to opening sashes (glassed or not) or to windows frames. It can also be implanted at the end of the process, for assembled windows, still as a buffer, in order to gather products per order, for instance, before palettizing. The sizing of the shuttle and the shelving is realized according to products (type and geometry); the technology used is the same whether it is opening sashes or assembled windows.

REF : 008


  • Automatic shuttle on rails 
  • Single or double shelving made of leaned storage lockers, to store the products
  • Lockers design dedicated to the products, to take care and protect the products
  • Motorised vertical conveyors linked to the equipment, to realize products flows input and output
  • Evolutionary and modular solution (adding new storage lockers...)
  • Ergonomic and intuitive supervision software developed by TECAUMA
  • Dimensional limits of frames
    • Height: from 300 mm to 2950 mm
    • Length: from 300 mm to 3500 mm
    • Thickness: from 60 mm to 330 mm
  • Maximum weight : 150 kg
  • Frames can be equipped with roller shutters
  • Naked or packaged products