Transfer and storage shuttle

The semi-automatic distribution and storage shuttle solution allows to easily transfer windows/doors from production lines. Combined with a vertical storage shelving system, this shuttle facilitates the classification of doors/windows by orders, within large spaces.

The on-board operator drives the shuttle and transfers the windows/doors using roller conveyors. This type of equipment allows orders to be prepared at the last moment and protects the products to be damaged due to repeated handling. Finally, requiring fewer open pallets, this saves floor space in the packaging area.

REF : 013


  • Shuttle on rail on the ground, requiring no specific civil engineering
  • Control by on-board operator
  • Aid in positioning the shuttle in the alignment of backrests and storage locations
  • Storage shelving equipped with roller conveyors and a tubular structure, for an ergonomic handling of windows and doors
  • Modular and scalable solution (possibility to add new line of backrests, new storage slots)
  • Dimensional limitations of windows and doors:
    • Height: 2500 mm max.
    • Width: 2700 mm max
    • Thickness : 370 mm max.
  • Maximum Weight : 250 kg