AGV (Automated Guided Vehicule)

TECAUMA integrates AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicules) into its handling and flow management solutions.

These connected (traceability) and flexible (easy to modify the trajectory) solutions meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and overcome the constraints of on line conveying.

These AGVs make it possible to handle products between distribution and storage areas and production line, without humain intervention.

TECAUMA integrates SEW-branded AGVs, the company’s historical partner. From the pre-project, simulations are carried out to secure the study of your flows.

REF : 032


  • Integration of SEW USOCOME technologies
  • Displacement on the principle of carried load
  • Movement with a controlled security perimeter allowing any cohabitation with humans
  • Wireless communication and navigation
  • Interface allowing trajectory modifications
  • Range of AGVs with capacity from 500kg to 3000kg


  • Guidance according to 3 principles
    • Natural navigation with location of the environment
    • Optical guidance
    • Wire guidance with induction charging
  • Optimized turning radius ~1m
  • Speed from 1 to 1,4 m/s
  • Powered by induction, supercapacitor or battery