Tile cutters

The tile cutter, placed at the end of the molding machine, allow you to cut spun tiles to length and to make the cuts, engraves or tenons, needed on some models. This range of tiles cutters includes flat tile cutter and roman tile cutter and allows quality production at high speed.

REF : 018


  • Cutter of flat or roman tiles designed to meet the product specifications.
  • Multi-Axis Digital" synchronization of cuts and engraves with the output speed of the earthenware.
  • Cutter for single or double die
  • Cutting length from 200 to 550 mm
  • Production r ate:
    • 6000 tiles / h in double die
    • 3600 tiles / h in a single die
  • Several technologies available:
    • wire cutting (vertical, horizontal or rotary),
    • blade cutting,
  • Realization of all special cases:
    • engraves,
    • tenons,
    • drilling,
    • rounded edges,
    • marking.