Robotic cell for glazing gluing

This robotised cell assembles a glass with its dedicated opening sash, thanks to a binder, glue bead or double-sided adhesive. A 6 axis poly-articulated robot takes automatically a glass from trolleys or racks then does the accurate unloading in the associated window. According to the particularities of the process used and the rate requested, the glue bead or the adhesive can be either lay down on the frame or on the glass, with one or two robots. Whatever the process implemented is, surfaces receiving the binder are pre-treated with plasma in order to ensure a good grip.

REF : 006


  • For single opening sashes or equipped with a crossbar
  • Horizontal or vertical glazing process, following the customer process
  • Glasses palettized on trolleys or racks, the palettization plan is communicated to the cell by a barcode reader
  • Or glasses delivered one by one on horizontal or vertical conveyor
  • Management of integrated glass trolleys (full and empty)
  • Ergonomic and intuitive supervision software developed by TECAUMA
  • Dimensional limits of the openings:
    • Height: 350 to 2500 mm
    • Width: 350 to 1500 mm
  • Maximum weight of glazing: 150 kg
  • Double-sided adhesive Width: 8 mm
  • Mono or bi-component glue type