Stacker crane for long products, discover the many advantages of the TEC'UP range

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Discover the range of TEC'UP stacker cranes (AS/RS), an automatic solution for handling and storing long products.

Discover the range of TEC'UP stacker cranes (AS/RS), an automatic solution for handling and storing long products.

Warehousing raw materials doesn't have to be time-consuming or tedious, but it should be managed smartly. This step, essential to the smooth running of many activities (windows and doors industry, metallurgy, etc.), provides countless advantages when automated.

Whether for raw materials (tubes, profiles, or bars) or semi-finished or finished products, the use of a stacker crane (AS/RS) will automate the storage and rapid retrieval of your resources.

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What is an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) for long products?

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For organizing, transporting and lifting long products, the stacker crane is the ideal tool. This mechanical equipment currently equips many industrial buildings to optimize the storage capacities of raw materials.

Thanks to this system, the charging ports are automated in very large storage volumes. The operator can also keep control with a control station.

The stacker crane generally consists of a container to receive the goods, a movement system and finally a lifting system. It also has on-board tools to identify products and ensure their traceability.

The stacker crane circulates in a central aisle on each side of which shelving is arranged and in which the material is stored by the stacker crane.


What are the advantaes or an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) for long products?

The AS/RS stacker crane for long products offers significant advantages to companies:

• storage optimization

• improved productivity

• reduction of risks for operators

• real-time inventory management

Of course, these advantages are only a small range of the advantages of a stacker crane.

A stacker crane is adapted to the customer's situation, which gives it the advantages specific to its use. 


What are the qualities of TECAUMA's range of AS/RS?

Trust the only French manufacturer of storage equipment for long products, the advantages are numerous.

> Increased storage optimization

With a stacker crane, the storage surface is optimized thanks to the use of space at height. Thus, the space required on the floor is limited to the maximum. The minimum width required in the building for single shelving is 17 meters and it reaches 24 meters for double shelving. The length obviously depends on the elements to be stored and their number.

The system works with products such as bars, profiles or tubes with a length of up to 7000 mm.

The maximum weight accepted (container and product) can reach approximately 2500 kilograms per compartment.


> Quick and easy stocking

The range of TEC'UP stacker cranes accepts products with or without containers, in stretchers, in bundles and even in bulk within the maximum weight limit.

The computer software makes it easy to register the material loaded on the loading station and the stacker crane automatically routes it to its storage space.

Poste de chargement pour fargots et civieres
Loading station for bundles and stretchers

The software then offers easy consultation of stocks and spaces available for storage.

In addition, the user-friendliness of the software allows a quick familiarization with the automatic storage equipment. 


zone de picking> Safe use

The solution offered by TECAUMA considerably reduces the risks in the company.

First, the use of an automatic stacker crane reduces operator travels. The operator no longer needs to go to the storage space since the product comes to him, this is called dynamic storage.

Then, the search is carried out in front of a workstation and not directly in the shelves. The risk of an accident is considerably reduced.

Finally, the position facing a workstation offers ergonomics acclaimed by users.

The search for a product is carried out on site and the risks of breakage of machining machines, preparation or packaging stations are now limited. TEC'UP stacker cranes combine productivity and safety.                                                                                                                                                      


> Real-time inventory management

Thanks to the software developed by TECAUMA, inventory management is carried out in real time.

Thus, supplies are totally secure and above all optimized. And the inventory function allows you to have a map of all the goods stored in shelves.

Real-time inventory management with a stacker crane reduces the volume of products to be stored. Inventory management is refined according to demand and dynamic storage offers obvious responsiveness to do this.

Exploitation with the FIFO method, “First In, First Out”, will easily allow you to get the oldest products out first. But it is still possible to adapt other management rules for your dynamic storage equipment, according to your needs. 


L'IHM, développé par l'équipe information TECAUMA> A tailor-made realization

The range of TEC'UP stacker cranes is based on a complete solution (technical and software). Indeed, the tailor-made realization is fully integrated into your structure. The IT tool developed by TECAUMA is personalized according to your management needs.

The user stations are simple, intuitive and offer a quick start. Thus, the stacker crane will be operational quickly with improved productivity and ergonomics adapted to the task. 


> A scalable solution according to needs 

The stacker crane solutions for long products supplied by TECAUMA have the capacity to evolve.

It is possible to double the shelving, extend the columns and thus increase the initial storage capacity of the stacker crane.

As designers of the entire automatic vertical storage solution, we can adapt the equipment to your evolution. Thus, new exits (on trolleys, on conveyors, etc.) can be created to supply new machines or new preparation areas, new shelving can be added, etc. 


Why trust the TEC'UP solution proposed by TECAUMA?

le hall de montage

The best proof of the efficiency of TEC'UP stacker cranes remains the feedback from new TECAUMA customers. Indeed, the product brings complete satisfaction to all customers.

Mainly it stands out:

  • ease of use
  • great operating flexibility
  • a marked improvement in productivity
  • lower costs
  • the responsiveness of the after-sales service team for monitoring equipment

TECAUMA, based in France, manufactures and installs these AS/RS. It remains the only French company to produce and offer dynamic storage solutions for long products.

All the stages of production are carried out on the French site of TECAUMA; design, boilermaking, assembly, electrical wiring, industrial computing, real-speed testing before delivery… Come and visit, you will leave confident after meeting the teams and seeing the facilities to serve you.

The most optimal use of a stacker crane possible is therefore ensured with the TEC’UP range from TECAUMA.

> The assembly and test hall at TECAUMA, dedicated to stacker cranes 

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