Window seal cutter

The TECAUMA window seal cutter does the automatic cutting of "U" shaped glazing gaskets or impact gaskets, for glass. This kind of machine can be integrated to an automatic assembly line for sashes, receiving cutting orders from this line. Otherwise, it can be used apart, by an operator, to feed a manual worktable. Two mechanical designs are available, single or twin machines, to cut two dimensions or two different colors of gaskets.

REF : 001


  • For coil of 20kg maxi
  • for "U" shape gaskets
    • Partial cutting in corners and complete cutting at the end
    • Easy and quick change of the gasket width by the mean of a special piece
    • Integrated lubrication system with a selector (on/off)
    • Rate: 1min for a gasket for glazing height 2 m and width 1 m
    • Width of the gasket: 24 to 32mm
  • for impact gaskets
    • 45° cutting in the corners
    • Complete cutting at the end
    • The cutting is done with a die punch device